13th November 2020 – 27th November 2020

Nicole Foxall and Julie Foxall – The Company We Keep

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

Sat: 10am-2pm

Phone 0490 332 699 for more information.

Nicole and Julie Foxall were lucky enough to hit the sister-in-law jackpot when Nicole married Julie’s brother, Mike. They are not only good friends but share a common drive to create. This year, like many people, they have experienced change and uncertainty. As essential workers, carving out creative time has been more important than ever.

Nicole’s work continues to evolve and she has left her more abstract painting to return to more representational work. This has been influenced by spending more time in the local bush post lockdown and a need to be “more real” in an increasingly abstract world.

Julie’s background in graphic design and passion for colour is evident in her cheery pieces. Gardens come alive in her bold, abstract botanical paintings. Whimsical watercolour and ink drawings capture an upbeat essence.

The works featured in this show were created during a challenging year. “The Company We Keep” demonstrates the positivity we can manifest when we place ourselves in the right surroundings. Our families. Our creative spaces. Our favourite brushes, our subjects, our collaborations and our collective inspiration.