Jenny Stonestreet


The sudden end of an extensive midwifery career led me to a “what now” moment.
So, following the footsteps of my mother and grandmother I purchased the basic necessities and taught myself to paint. Making art quickly became my new passion resulting in a body of work that is becoming expansive and varied in subject matter.
I work mainly with oil paint, in creating smaller works but for my larger abstract work acrylic is my preferred medium.
Recently I was introduced to the use of soft pastels. I enjoy the ease of blending and creating a softer style of work, particularly in portraiture studies .

I paint a broad variety of subject matter ranging from traditional landscape (coastal, rural and urban), still life, flora and fauna in both realistic or abstract interpretations. I particularly enjoy depicting surfaces of glass and water and capturing reflective light and transparency of objects.
In 2010 I was the successful applicant for a scholarship to attend the CSU summer art school. I have won numerous art prizes at local exhibitions including first prizes in abstract and portraiture along with best oil painting at the Royal Bathurst Show . I have sold numerous works through local art shows and have completed a variety of commission works.

I am an active member of the Bathurst Arts Trail and participate by opening my studio monthly.
I am delighted to have been selected to participate as a member of Tarts Gallery .

I am fortunate to be able to develop a dedicated studio space which incorporates the ability to display my recent works.

I am located at 254 William St , studio access is via Rocket St I am always delighted to welcome to visitors to my studio .

Tablelands Artists Co-Operative Gallery Limited
75 Keppel Street
Bathurst NSW 2795

Phone: 0490 332 699

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 1pm