Karin Smith

My name is Karin Smith. I have been finding excuses to do art all my life and now I am finally happy to define myself as a ‘proper’ artist. I live in Bathurst in the Central West area of New South Wales. I do art in my spare time and work towards exhibitions, art shows and commissions. I am largely self taught, the only training I have really had was a fantastic semester at Bathurst TAFE in 2003.

I work in a wide variety of media using recycled material where possible. I make glass brooches, lino prints, 2d and 3d mosaic, and bronze and stainless steel casting. My work is representational. I love working with organic shapes such as the human form and pears.

I do my best work when I don’t think, and just allow the creative process to emerge from wherever it is in my being. This makes my work spontaneous and light hearted. I also want it to be accessible by being easy to understand, fun and affordable.

I have exhibited and sold my work at exhibitions, art shows, and the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.

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